Growing Food for a Growing World

by Andrew on February 18, 2011

I had the chance to speak to a couple of agricultural audiences this past week, one in Florida and the other in central Missouri.  I really enjoyed both stops.  I’ve found people have been surprised at a graphic that I show them about world population. 

We all know that China is the most populous nation in the world.  However, by the year 2050 India will surpass China to become the country with the most people.  In fact, India will add over 650 million people in the next 40 years.  To put this in perspective, 650 million is nearly twice the current population of the United States! 

China currently has a net gain of more than 6000 people per day.  The U.S. is actually growing faster than China, gaining more than 7000 people per day.  What is India’s growth rate?  India has a net gain of 45,000 people per day!  India will add a city the size of Cincinnati this week and a city the size of Dallas this month.

These are intriguing facts and figures.  It shows the tremendous growth occurring in the world’s population AND the importance of agriculture to feed those growing populations.  Billions of lives are literally depending on the ability of agriculture to meet the rising need.  I am excited about the opportunity all of us have in meeting this important goal of ending world hunger and supplying a healthy diet for every citizen in our world!

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